Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 8 Savonlinna - Puumala (69 km)

Friday 26.8.

The autumn storm has been forecasted to hit Finland on Saturday and wind is expected to increase up to 11 m/s. It seems that we can't paddle on Saturday at all.

Calm evening at Kietävälänvirta / Haapaselkä

Because we have reserved only three days for paddling and now it seems to decrease to two days we had to make new plans. We have still nearly 140 km to go.

We decided to plan a longer day today and try to reach Puumala. In the morning wind was blowing from west, but we managed to plan the route in such a way we got shelter from the islands on the way.

The first stretch was a long one, 33 km,  up to Telataipale - channel, where we had a lunch break. The wind was calming down and afternoon / evening was expected to have pleasant paddling with non-existent wind.

The ferry "Nestori" at Kietävälä

I was feeling powerful today and paddling was easy. It seemed possible to reach Puumala just at sunset and we landed on a beach just after sunset. However it was not allowed to camp on a beach and after a quick decision started paddling again towards Koskenselkä - camping place, a bit north from the beach. It was already dark and we paddled silently through the harbor towards north.

Close to Puumala

Landed on camping place just before 10 PM. The timing was just perfect, because wind started to increase immediately after our arrival.

Puumala - bridge after sunset

The paddling route of the eighth day can be seen here.

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