Monday, November 29, 2010

Theory in Rovaniemi

Our "normal" behaviour at lunch table :)

The 4 day period of "Nature Experience Instructor" - studies in November were full of theory. As usual the period started on Thursday and ended on Sunday. The first two days was reserved for First Aid 1 - module. I have participated the First Aid 1 - module already in year 2004, but the qualification is valid only three years after which you need to update the qualification again. I hadn't done it, so it was time to learn the basics of First Aid again.

Resuscitation practice

The instructions of resuscitation had been revised since last time I participated this course 6 years back. Updating your knowhow and skills how to save lives are useful, you never know when you are in a such situation where you need to react fast and know how to act properly, if people are in danger to die.

Practicing of different bandages / splints

For this period we had rented a cottage for 10 people, where all of us could stay and sleep during this long weekend. It was an excellent way to get acquainted with the other students and spend time together after studies. However at the same time it was tough since the amount of sleep were minimal... I slept only 2-5 hours per night, although I need to have regularly 8 hours sleep. The amount of laugh compensated nicely the lack of sleep and when I got back to home I were able to sleep my sleep debt away :)

Our lovely cottage

The studies were continued on Saturday and on Sunday on classroom by going through the safety aspects of nature experience services and keeping a presentation to our group to practise how to be natural and convincing in front of the audience. The presentation were videorecorded and analysed after the presentation. Everybody got the feedback and analysis of his/her presentation.

Practicing kayak roll

Fortunately in addition of sitting 4 days in a classroom we had the normal "extra" sessions of paddling and climbing practices on evening. The topic of the paddling session were pawlata kayak roll, which were successfully done by everybody after couple of minutes practicing!

Climbing on the wall

On the climbing wall we started practicing how to lead when climbing and not using a fixed ropes. Climbing and kayaking practices will be continued throughout the wintertime and on every month we have those "extra" sessions in addition of official course content.

And some acrobatics by me

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been awhile since the previous post. The most unpleasent and darkest month in Finland, November, is surreptitiously fading away followed by interesting and mysterious December. I always wonder how people survive from October to December. Do they work like a crazy? Is the hope of coming Christmas holidays keeping them live and kickin'?

Perhaps they play games like Alias in a cottage in the middle of nowhere in the darkest moments of the year in the Lappland and get energy, drive and craziness from the crazy co-players at 4 AM, when everybody is sooooo tired that every word and every facial expression leads to a massive fit of laughter. I recommend this one for everybody.

The other way of surviving is the insane habit of dipping yourself onto a frozen lake and claiming to everbody how goooooood you feeeeeel when the agonizing pain in your legs has finally ceased.

Of course you can combine these ultimate surviving habits of playing Alias and dipping onto a frozen lake to maximize your endorphin boost from laughter and cold / warm treatment of your body. If you do a physical exercise just before of these two, then you have tripled your chances of surviving in this harsh environment.

If you wanna get throu' November, EXERCISE, PLAY ALIAS AND DIP ONTO FROZEN LAKE regularly throughout the 30 longish and darkish days of November...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Door has been closed, season is over

Lighthouse at sunshine

The last week of this season at Märket lighthouse was full of emotions. When 4 members of Finnish Lighthouse Society was preparing marvellous Märket lighthouse to be closed during the winter season. There were lots of things to be done before finally locking and closing the doors of the lighthouse and leaving it empty until next spring.

Group portrait

The biggest thing to do was to continue the plastering of the wall of the magazine building. It took two days, before we ran out of the plaster and we were enforced to finish the westernmost wall of the building. We continued making the inventory of the shop, counted the cash, removed everything from the front yard inside the warehouse, took the boat inside, packed food which could be frozen during the winter time and took it with us to the mainland.

Sushi dinner

Finally at Friday evening it was time for us to leave the island and lock the doors. I felt sad to leave this amazing place unmanned and empty, but I'm sure I'll have a chance to come back and enjoy the athmosphere next year again. Take care and see you next summer!