Monday, November 1, 2010

Door has been closed, season is over

Lighthouse at sunshine

The last week of this season at Märket lighthouse was full of emotions. When 4 members of Finnish Lighthouse Society was preparing marvellous Märket lighthouse to be closed during the winter season. There were lots of things to be done before finally locking and closing the doors of the lighthouse and leaving it empty until next spring.

Group portrait

The biggest thing to do was to continue the plastering of the wall of the magazine building. It took two days, before we ran out of the plaster and we were enforced to finish the westernmost wall of the building. We continued making the inventory of the shop, counted the cash, removed everything from the front yard inside the warehouse, took the boat inside, packed food which could be frozen during the winter time and took it with us to the mainland.

Sushi dinner

Finally at Friday evening it was time for us to leave the island and lock the doors. I felt sad to leave this amazing place unmanned and empty, but I'm sure I'll have a chance to come back and enjoy the athmosphere next year again. Take care and see you next summer!

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