Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been awhile since the previous post. The most unpleasent and darkest month in Finland, November, is surreptitiously fading away followed by interesting and mysterious December. I always wonder how people survive from October to December. Do they work like a crazy? Is the hope of coming Christmas holidays keeping them live and kickin'?

Perhaps they play games like Alias in a cottage in the middle of nowhere in the darkest moments of the year in the Lappland and get energy, drive and craziness from the crazy co-players at 4 AM, when everybody is sooooo tired that every word and every facial expression leads to a massive fit of laughter. I recommend this one for everybody.

The other way of surviving is the insane habit of dipping yourself onto a frozen lake and claiming to everbody how goooooood you feeeeeel when the agonizing pain in your legs has finally ceased.

Of course you can combine these ultimate surviving habits of playing Alias and dipping onto a frozen lake to maximize your endorphin boost from laughter and cold / warm treatment of your body. If you do a physical exercise just before of these two, then you have tripled your chances of surviving in this harsh environment.

If you wanna get throu' November, EXERCISE, PLAY ALIAS AND DIP ONTO FROZEN LAKE regularly throughout the 30 longish and darkish days of November...

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