Monday, May 19, 2014

Baltic Sea on May

Weekend packed with paddling on Baltic Sea and visiting on daymark islands next to Porkkalanniemi, Korppoo and Kustavi. The routes can be seen here.

I had an early start on Saturday morning towards Rönnskär daymark island and therefore I drove to Porkkalanniemi already on Friday evening. I found a beautiful spot on the southernmost dip to camp and put a tent on a rock just next to the sea. During the evening and morning there were plenty of trespassers like white-tailed deer, who passed my tent only a few meters away.


 Rönnskär island is owned by military and therefore it's closed from the public. I had managed to get permission to visit the island with other group of people. We agreed to meet at the island at 9:30 AM, the others were coming by boat. The weather was sunny and there were only mild wind blowing, but water was still very cold. I put my dry-suit on and started 5 km paddling to the island.

Rönnskär daymark has been built on 1800 and it has been a lighthouse. Nowadays there's no light anymore and Kallbådan has replaced it as a lighthouse. Still it is visible daymark for boats and vessels sailing nearby. 


Even during the same day I drove to Korpoström and started 32 km paddling to Bredskär daymark island and back. The wind was blowing up to 5 m/s, but sun was still shining and weather was beautiful. After 6 hours of paddling I was back at Korpoström harbor at 22:00 just at the sunset. I packed my kayak and equipment to the car and drove to Kustavi during the night.


On a Kustavi after short sleep and breakfast I headed to the northern part of islands and tried to figure out the spot from where I could put my kayak on the water. By a chance I found a good spot near Susiluoto sea patrol station and managed to paddle to Blekungen and Flatu daymarks during the day. This was the most beautiful day so far in the Finland during this spring time.


All in all 62 km paddling and 4 visited daymarks.