Friday, May 27, 2011

Climbing at Hiidenkirnut, Rovaniemi

Ready for abseiling

On the weekend it was time again to head to Hiidenkirnut cliffs again and continue the training of rope work supervisor module. On September 2010 we did the module 1 and now managed to complete module 2 (KTO 2). The theme for the 2-day session was abseiling, rescue from the climbing wall, varying possible problems when climbing/belaying, etc...

Accident on the wall, unconscious climber

Rescue operation in action

All in all the two days was full of recalling learnings from the module 1, lot's of new things to learn and varying weather of course. I haven't been climbing before on thunderstorm and such a heavy rain, which made the rock slippery as ice. The test to become a qualified rope work supervisor will be on October, but before it there's a 6 month summer to practice...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Orienteering at amusement park

This was really a competition at home ground ! Sprint orienteering competition a few hundred meters away from my home at Särkänniemi amusement park. The environment was challenging and difficult due to non-symmetrical forms and shapes, high number of the information at the map and challenging route selection options. All in all the race was up- and downhill...

The first control point came fast and couldn't get smooth start. Didn't find it right away and missed some 5-6 seconds... The leg 1-2 went very well, I was pleased. Legs 2-3, 3-4 were pretty OK. Then 4-5 was a disaster due to wrong route selection, couldn't read the map correctly. Roughly 1 minute mistake.

From control point 5 to 12 it was pretty OK according to my orienteering skills, few small mistakes, but nothing huge. And then I totally missed control point 13, I was reading map from 12 to directly 14 and missed CP13. Disqualification ! The first DSQ ever for me at orienteering. The positive thing was that it didn't happen in the relay but in the personal race only.