Wednesday, January 30, 2013


First 18 km uphill behind, arriving to Canazei

The second Worldloppet ski race was famous Marcialonga in Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme valleys. Marcialonga celebrated this year it's 40-year anniversary. The start from Moena (at 1100 m) was after 9AM and the weather was bit cold, when waiting with 500 hundred other skiers permit to start the ski. Forecast for the day was perfect, sunshine and partly sunny with temperature raising near zero.

Skiing through villages and backyards

The first part of 18 km uphill to Canazei was tough start, but then the track moved towards the lower altitudes of the valley and nearly 45 km downhill section up to Molina. The track swirled through small villages like Predazzo and Lago di Fiemme, which is hosting Nordic World Ski Championships this year.

Finish line, at last after 70 km and 775 m total ascent

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Between Dolomitenlauf and Marcialonga

Only 250 km south from Tirol and the Dolomites lies Venice, the mythical city with narrow alleys and canals. When Dolomitenlauf was skied and there was a week to Marcialonga, visit to Venice was a planned activity in between these famous races.

This was my third visit to this tiny island, and now I had a chance to see how's Venice in January. Well, it's a bit misty, cold and rainy but on the other hand it was pleasant to walk on not crowded streets. Actually I like more visiting Venice at off-season.

Unfortunately the Carnival of Venice will be held on February and couldn't feel and see this world-famous event this time either. Well, the journey continues and the direction is again to the North, Val di Fiemme at Trentino in northern Italy. Val di Fiemme will host the Nordic Ski World Championships 2013 at February.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dolomitenlauf completed

Virgen village in Hohe Tauern national park

It's snowy and beautiful in Austria at this time of the year. Hohe Tauern national park in east Tirol is one of the most beautiful national parks I have been visiting. Grossvenediger, which is 4th highest mountain in Austria. It's best to visit during summertime when hiking trails are open. 

Dolomitenlauf in Obertilliach

Dolomitenlauf is the most famous long distance ski event in Austria. It was held today and the scenery during the race is beautiful. The start and finish are located in Obertilliach village and the ski event will be held at the altitude of 1200 - 1600 m. Fortunately my body is adapting to higher altitude quite easily and I didn't had any problems on that. Physically the route was quite demanding with total of 750 ascend meters.

Dolomitenlauf completed

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Northern views

Cottage at moonlight

It has been an active week at Lapland during polar night, when sun stays below the horizon all the time. Temperature has been varying from freezing -27 degrees to pleasant -3 degrees. Although the freezing temperatures at lower altitude, the inversion has been keeping the sedentary warm air on the slopes of the Ylläs-fell and it has been possible to ski every day.

Ski tracks

Ski tracks were in excellent condition although it was snowing heavily couple of days. Preparers were on the move during the nights and prepared the ski tracks for the skiers after snowfall. Thanks to all of you!

Early morning and rabbit footprints on the surface of the snow

Roughly 150 km was the total distance of skiing exercises and it was definitely enough for me, especially when I had a cold two weeks before this trip and had not been skiing at all during this period.

"Kahvikeidas" - lean-to next to ski tracks

New year eve was a bit different one from the typical firework activity. This time there were lots of lanterns sent to the sky in the middle of Äkäslompolo village. The sky was full of burning and flying lanterns! Really beautiful view and atmosphere indeed.

Lanterns on the sky