Monday, August 20, 2012

Outdoor activities

Climbing ropes

The weekend at Rovaniemi was full of activities and lots of fun with other Nature Experience Instructors. This meeting was our first get-together-meeting ever and the invitations were sent to all, who have been graduated as Nature Experience Instructors during 10 years.

Break at the cliffs

On Friday we headed onto Hiidenkirnut - climbing cliffs and practiced climbing, abseiling, rescuing operations, etc... during the day. The day itself was sunny and warm and it felt like summer season although it was already mid August.

Saturday morning was on the contrary misty and cloudy. Temperature dropped from yesterday nearly 10 degrees, but actually it was quite OK. Rafting on Raudanjoki - river was physically tough and therefore it was better to have cooler weather today. Vikaköngäs - rapids were our target after the breakfast. Altogether we had participants to 4 teams to compete in the official LEO R6 Slalom Championships.

Our team at start

Our team practiced two runs on the rapids after which we had two race runs ahead of us. There were 5 gates to be paddle through and the better run were taken into the final results. The slalom went well, but physically we were really tired after crossing the finish line.

Approaching gate #4

The second part of the competition was head-to-head race. Teams who were on the results on place 1 and 4 had a head-to-head race against each others and correspondingly teams on the places 2 and 3. The winners from the semi-finals made to the finals and our team won the finals as well. The prizes were given in the evening when we had a relaxing sauna event to conclude the day.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10,57K run

Sun is shining, finish line approaching

After starting my running exercises recently for Lidingöloppet 30K run in the end of September, Pirkkalan yöhölkkä running event was perfect to do a fast 10K exercise. The weather was perfect too, when running event started at 19:00 from Pirkkala track and field center. 

Lewis Korir

The winners came from Kenya, Lewis Korir won with a new record and broke the earlier best time over 4 minutes! I tried to run at the same pace all the race, and I succeeded well. The difference between first and second 5K lap times were only 1 sec!

At finish line