Thursday, January 9, 2014

Northern Finland tour continued

Lanterns in the sky

It has been exceptionally dark and warm winter so far in southern part of Finland. We still don't have any snow and therefore cross country skiing is not possible in Tampere.

During the new year it was my second trip to Lapland for skiing. This time I was spending a week in Äkäslompolo next to Ylläs. The snow and track conditions were good and the temperature was pleasant -5 degrees at coldest.

On a ski track

Martti Jylhä, who has been selected to Finnish team in winter olympics 2014 in Sochi, were skiing and preparing for Sochi at the same time in Ylläs. What a speed he was skiing, when he was accelerating and skating gently sloping downhill!!!!

At new year the dark sky was beautiful, when thousands of lanterns rose high to the sky in the village of Äkäslompolo. It was great atmosphere with all that snow, dark sky, slight snowfall, fires and beautiful lanterns.

Slight snowfall

Summary of the week:

Total amount of skiing kilometers this winter : 325 km
Famous skiers met in Ylläs : Martti Jylhä, Jari Isometsä
Pizza eaten in Eväskori - pizzeria : 4 x S (HK sininen, sinappi, sipuli, suolakurkku)
Skied first time in Levi (Pyhätunturin kierros) and visited Levi spa.