Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 5 Joensuu - Pyhäselkä (20 km)

After two weeks Vuoksennauha paddling continued from  Joensuu.

Our kayaks were at Joensuun kauhojat - paddling club's premises and after 5 PM on Tuesday 23.8 we were packing the kayaks again. Because sun was setting already 8:30 PM we had only three and half hours paddling time.

View from Joensuun Kauhojat - paddling club

Our goal was to cross Pyhäselkä and stay overnight at Tikansaari on a small beach. Fortunately wind was not that strong than two weeks ago and there were only mild headwind during the crossing. I can imagine how bad and difficult Pyhäselkä is to cross on heavy wind...

Staying overnight at Tikansaari - island

Roughly at 9 PM we landed on Tikansaari - island and had pleasant night at tent.

The paddling route of the fifth day can be seen here.

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