Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 7 Enonkoski - Savonlinna (48 km)

Thursday 25.8

In the morning I felt on my muscles the stress of the previous 60 km paddling. The weather forecast was not too good. Rainfall and strong headwind all the day. The wind was increasing in the afternoon and we decided to start early.

However it was already at 8 AM when we managed to start the paddling. The day was hard for me. The first part until Haponlahden kanava - channel went pretty OK, but after the channel the headwind from south striked us.

Rainy day at Haukivesi

It was raining and we fought towards south to cross Haukivesi and Pieni Haukivesi water areas. The plan was to paddle directly and as fast as possible to Savonlinna, before wind increases. However we didn't succeed and due to not having lunch break I was totally exhausted, wet and cold when we finally arrived to Haapavesi and Savonlinna.


As a miserable ending for the day the camping place - Vuohimäki - had closed already few days earlier. We got a permission to land and pitch our tent though, but there were not any facilities or services. This was not my lucky day...

On the evening went to downtown and had supper on a local restaurant. This night I was sleeping like a baby.

The paddling route of the seventh day can be seen here.

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