Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 6 Pyhäselkä - Enonkoski (61 km)

Wednesday 24.8

Because the previous day was a short one, only half a day, we had to paddle one longer day i.e. 60 km distance. The wind was quite strong 6-7 m/s but it was blowing mostly from north-west or north. Therefore we didn't had headwind, but still it was quite demanding to paddle on large open water areas, where waves were higher.

At Savonranta

We had a long first stretch to Savonranta guest harbor, where we had a long and rewarding break at local cafeteria / restaurant. The first pizza during this paddling tasted heavenly.

At Jouhivuori

We managed to find a small spot - Jouhivuori - for staying overnight. There were even "laavu" - a lean-to shelter, but we pitched the tent because of the mosquito. The temperature was only 11-13 degrees whole day due to wind from north. The signs of autumn are on the air...

The paddling route of the sixth day can be seen here.

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