Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 3 Koli - Jakokoski (47 km)

The morning was foggy, but soon sun was shining and warming causing fog to disappear in minutes. It was totally calm and extremely beautiful morning. I decided to paddle on a light shirt instead of paddling anorak.

On a calm Pielinen

The first stretch to Ahveninen was roughly 10 km. We stopped for a coffee break at the kiosk at Ahveninen and enjoyed the hot summer weather. After Ahveninen there were the last 10 km crossing in Pielinen to Uimaharju city after which Pielisjoki - river section would start.

At coffee break at Ahveninen

Enocell - pulp mill loomed in a horizon and we headed towards it. Just after the bridge we landed on the small harbor at Uimaharju and had the quick lunch at sunshine.

Enocell pulp mill at Uimaharju

The narrower stretch along Pielisjoki - river started and it was nice to paddle nearer the shore for a while. The headwind of 4 m/s greeted us when paddling towards Jakokoski. We passed Eno and saw Harpatinvaara - hill, where Jukola orienteering relay will be organized next summer.

Pielisjoki has been harnessed to generate electricity and there are 2 dams and power stations on the way. The highest drop of 9 meters is located at Kaltimo and we passed Kaltimo power station via Kaltimo - channel. It took roughly half an hour to get through the locks.

Between locks at Kaltimo - channel

At Jakokoski we found a nice tenting place at historic museum channel of Jakokoski.

At historic museum channel in Jakokoski

The paddling route of the third day can be seen here.

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