Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 4 Jakokoski - Joensuu (39 km)

It was the fourth and last day of this first part of Vuoksennauha - paddling. The goal was to reach Joensuu and continue from Joensuu on 23rd of August after two weeks.

The start of the day was rainy, there were a heavy rain shower when we started our paddling from Jakokoski. Most of the day we had strong headwind, up to 8 m/s and for some parts of the river we were struggling slowly but steadily towards Joensuu.

At Kuurna - channel

Roughly after 4 hours paddling we reached the second dam and channel, Kuurna. The drop at Kuurna is nearly as high as in Kaltimo, only 1 meter lower, being 8 meters. As well as in Kaltimo, it took approximately half an hour to get through the locks and the channel.

Cruise ship Vinkeri at Pielisjoki

We had lunch break at Utransaari - island near Joensuu, which was familiar from the earlier visits. I have been born and raised in Joensuu and thus knowing pretty well this part of Finland. Paddling through the city center and through the Joensuu - channel was memorable moment for me.

At lunch break at Utransaari - island

We landed on a dock of local paddling club, Joensuun kauhojat, and left our kayaks there to wait us for the continuation within two weeks. Thank you for Joensuun kauhojat!

Approaching Joensuu - channel

Family Kärkkäinen provided us accommodation and facilities at Joensuu. It felt extremely good to have the possibility to have sauna and wash ourselves after 4 days paddling. Thank you Timo, Anita and Nuutti for this luxury.

Back to Tampere and after two weeks we'll continue paddling...

The paddling route of the fourth day can be seen here.

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