Friday, August 12, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 2 Paalasmaa - Koli (44 km)

After good sleep due to late arrival the next morning showed up sunny and beautiful. We didn't had hurry at all and therefore the preparation for the today's paddling took time. Porridge and yogurt with rye bread tasted heavenly and gave enough energy for the morning paddle.

Crossing at Pielinen

The plan was to do a little bit longer stretch at first to Loma-Koli, which is area of holiday apartments next to Koli national park. There were couple of longer crossings, but the weather was good and there were no sign of thunderstorms, which were forecast for Sunday.

When having lunch at the beach at Loma-Koli, dark thunder clouds were moving on a close proximity and just passed us hardly. We didn't get any rain at all.

At camp

It was 7 PM, when landing on the Rykiniemi - beach and tenting area at Koli national park. There were couple of tents, but it was easy to find a place for our tent. Beautiful place for camping.

Morning at Rykiniemi beach

The paddling route of the second day can be seen here.

Morning dew at kayak deck

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