Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vuoksennauhamelonta-paddling, day 1 Nurmes - Paalasmaa (39 km)

At last I was able to start Vuoksennauhamelonta paddling from Nurmes to Lappeenranta.

Laamila beach

The starting location of the paddling was the beach at Laamila at Nurmes. It was already at 3 PM when the packing of the kayaks were done and finally after 3:30 PM we headed towards south. It was mild headwind, not too bad to paddle and wind was calming even more during the evening.

At sunset on Pielinen - lake

Pielinen is the fourth largest lake in Finland and we had over 100 km paddling ahead of us to cross the lake from north to south.


The plan was to reach Paalasmaa camping, roughly 40 km to the south and because sun was setting already at 10 PM we had to paddle without breaks to reach camping area before darkness. It was about that time when we get ashore at Paalasmaa camping and pitched the tent. Paalasmaa is the highest island in Finland having three over 200 m peaks.

At Paalasmaa camping

The paddling route of the first day can be seen here.

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