Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yak Kharka

Tuesday 20.4.2010 Tilicho Peak Hotel - Yak Kharka (Day 10)

Gate to heaven

Although this is my 3rd Annapurna Circuit I haven’t taken this route from Khangsar valley to Yak Kharka never before. What a positive surprise this will be!!!! This is one of the most beautiful and quiet routes. We don’t see anybody else during the day, until the trail unites onto main trail before Yak Kharka. Lots of porters and trekkers are walking there, but we had a beautiful and memorable trekking day just by ourselves on the slopes of Himalayan peaks with superb views. I just feel to live at my full heart today.

On the viewpoint

This is the only section where I have seen small birches, like in Lapland. When crossing the roaring rivers, we set for a break to wash our feet and take for a rest after 3 hours walking.

Rest break at the river

Yak Kharka is a village with bunch of lodges at 4 km altitude. We arrive relatively early and have delicious lunch. It’s pleasure to get warm water and have the possibility to wash ourselves and our dirty clothes as well. The afternoon will be used for care activities like taking shower, washing clothes, charging batteries for GPS, camera, etc… The lodge owner is friendly old woman and we are extremely pleased we chose this lodge for staying overnight.

Small birches on the slope

Altitude : 4000 m, Trekking time: 5 hours

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