Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tilicho Base Camp

Sunday 18.4.2010 Khangsar - Tilicho base camp (Day 8)

Viewpoint at 4.7km

We start early after surprisingly warm night towards the Tilicho Tal - lake. The weather is sunny and the steady climb starts immdiately when leaving Khangsar village back. The small trail will lead us higher and higher every step. After 1 hour climb we arrive to the oldest Gompa in this region. The views are getting better all the time when getting higher and higher. We are having well deserved break at Gompa, until climb continues passing a new lodge "Tilicho Peak Hotel" on the way. When trail forks to lower and higher route, we have decided to take the higher route for the superb views. However locals don't want us to take the higher ropute, because of the landslides and there's even stones on the path to prevent trekkers to choose the higher route. Despite of the advices we start a gruel 800 meters climb to the viewpoint with prayer flag standing alone in the wind on the ridge, from where there's roughly 1 km drop to the valley.

Descending from the ridge

After viewpoint we check the route onwards on the slope, but it looks so dangerous, we have easy decision to turn around and descend back to the point where higher route and lower route are starting. It took us roughly 3-4 hours to do this side trip, but the views were amazing!!! We have used nearly all of our water, when we finally approach Tilicho Base Camp lodge at 4.1 kms after 7,5 hours trekking.

On landslide section

The lower route has some sections of landslide areas and I'm a bit scared at some sections. Anyhow we arrive safely to Tilicho Base Camp and have delicious dinner before getting to sleep.

Yaks on the way through landslide area, guess who was giving way...

Altitude : 4100 m, Trekking time: 7,5 hours

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