Thursday, May 27, 2010

3xsauna at 24 hours

During the last 24 hours I had been enjoying sauna three times. On the Tuesday evening I was paddling to Haukisaari and having evening sauna and refreshing swimming at cold Näsijärvi lake. I had my sleeping bag and mattress with me and stayed overnight at laavu. Unfortunately I didn't had earplugs with me and couldn't sleep too much due to the gulls and other birds, which were noisy during the night :)

I was waking up already after 2AM on a beautiful sunrise over the lake. It was so beautiful.... There were even some mist over the lake and the view was like from the most beautiful paint in the world. I had a early breakfast and started to paddle back at 5:30AM. There were no others at lake and it was quiet and nice to paddle there when sun was already shining. Just wonderful.

When I got back at my home I put my sauna on and went there to warm up. The night was a bit chilly still... After having great morning sauna I was ready to go to my bed and had a good sleep and waking up at noon :)

I have been running on Jukola - orienteering cmpetition now five years on the row. When I quit my job this month I'm not able to join the team from the work. I had to search another team for this year. Fortunately I was lucky and got the chance to run 6th leg of the 7 leg long orienteering competition. Jukola relay is the most famous of all orienteering relay competitions and the athmosphere is just awesome! I just love this event.

Therefore I had orienteering exercise in the afternoon at Siitama, Orivesi and I had decided to run the longest track, a bit over 7 km this time. My body was tired already after paddling and not very well slept night. However this was good practice for the Jukola. My running pace needs clearly improvement, I finished the course at the time of 1:24.

And it was lovely to have sauna again after this orienteering exercise!!!!

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