Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last working day

After coming back to Finland and home, I have had long list of things to do on this week.

Monday was the last working day and I returned all my remaining items like mobile phone, ID badge and access card. I said farewell to my colleagues and closed the door of the office last time.

I got a flu and a bit of coughing in Nepal and therefore I went to doctor to check if I could start my kayaking trip already this week friday. The result was to postpone the start of kayaking. It's not sensible and wise to start long and tedious trip on this condition.

I have started preparations for the kayaking trip during this week, meanwhile I have been unpacking all the Nepal trekking stuff, washing all the clothes and starting to collect items for the coming trip...

It has been sunny days on this week and yesterday I realized how dirty my windows were, when sun was shining through them. Now they are bright and clean after cleaning them :)

Let the sun shine!!!!!

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