Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nayapul, the end of the trek

Monday 26.4.2010 Ghorepani - Pokhara (Day 16)

First sunrays behind the Annapurna range

Poon hill lies 400 meters above Ghorepani and at the sunrise you can see all the major peaks of Annapurna range from there. We woke up at 4AM and started climb at 4:30AM with headlamps showing the narrow trail leading through the rhododendron forest to upper slopes of the hill. There were lots of other trekkers going to Poon hill at the same time and we arrived to the top just nicely before sunrise.

Dhaulagiri on the west

The view is lterally breathtaking, a Himalayan panorama stretching from Dhaulagiri (8167m 7th highest) to Manaslu (8156 8th highest) in the east, with the Annapurna range between them.

Ready for the photos

After Poon hill we descended back to Ghorepani, had a breakfast and started walk to finish our trek at Nayapul. It was long, long, long day over 13 hours. There’s one section called Ulleri stairs, where you’ll be waited by 3280 stone steps. After going down these steps my legs felt like a macaroni. Soon after Ulleri it started to rain and we had to put our Gore-Tex clothes still once more. The leg to Nayapul felt endless, but finally we got there and took a taxi to take us to Pokhara late in the evening. It was already dark when we arrived to Pokhara, but we were happy to get there and have a one rest day tomorrow.

Breakfast with Dhaulagiri views

Altitude : 850 m, Trekking time: 13,5 hours

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