Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer wine

Summer wine is playing on the background when I'm finishing the packing for the kayaking trip. This evening the ferry will take me and the kayak from Turku to Stockholm. On the Sweden I need to do still the last shopping buying fresh food for the first days of the trip. If everything goes as planned then I should be ready to start the journey late afternoon on Friday.

The closer the actual starting date has come the more thrill I'm feeling on my stomach, when thinking how to survive on the rough sea conditions. The first 1-2 weeks might be the worst, before getting the touch and routine for the kayaking. I'm expecting sore muscles, strong winds, cold, waves and long lonely days to be realistic.

First time I own mp3 player. I bought it just for this trip to get a chance to keep my mood up by listening the great records when kayaking. Normally I really love to move on the nature by listening the voices of the animals, wind, waves and the silence, but this trip is something else than going for a hike for a week.

I'll start my trip humble in the front of powerful nature...

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