Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Saturday 24.4.2010 Marpha - Tatopani (Day 14)

The section from Marpha to Tatopani is a bit boring walking on the dusty road. My legs feels heavy after yesterday’s long trekking day and on the way down we discuss whether to walk two days to Tatopani or take the bus and save one extra day, which we could spent at Pokhara. When we have a break at Tukuche after 2 hours trek, we are ready to make the decision. We’ll hop into the next bus and try to get to Tatopani still today. We’ll walk still from Tukuche to next village Khobang and when having the break there, we see bus, which is going down. Every seat is already occupied by the Hindu pilgrims and we get convenient standing place from the bus :) The 3 hours drive on these narrow and hilly roads is memorable experience. When you look on the left side of the bus and see nearly 1 km drop to the river down in the valley, you just hope the driver knows what to do. We need to change the bus once at Ghasa and arrive to Tatopani after 2PM. We haven’t had lunch yet and after couple of beers the lunch tastes like a dinner at Michelin restaurant.

Altitude : 1100 m, Trekking time: 4 hours + bus drive 3 hours

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