Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enjoying the sunset at Haukisaari island

At 21:30 looking over the lake

After running a 40 minutes exercise at the shore of the Näsijärvi I realized how beautiful evening would be coming. It was calm and sun was shining nicely over the Näsijärvi lake.

I decided to paddle Haukisaari island and stay overnight at laavu, having evening sauna, swimming on the lake and admiring the beautiful sunset, before getting into sleep at my sleeping bag on laavu. Laavu has been just built and is nicely located towards the west and sunset over the lake.

At 22:30 the view from the terrace of the sauna, water was refreshing!

The birds were singing and water was calm and still during the evening.

This was one of those moments, which you want to experience again and again. Feeling like living at every cell and the most memorable moments in your life. The Finnish summer is just amazing!!!!!

I wish You could have been with me sharing these moments...

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