Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30. day 62 km (in total 1301 km)

<Hietakalla, Ii - Röyttä, Tornio>

Final few hundred meters at Tornio

Finally at Tornio ! It was a long day, but now I'm extremely happy after finishing coastline paddling. It took 30 days as I expected in half-way. The last day was like the first one, sunny with mild or non-existent wind. Just great paddling day.

Keminkraaseli lighthouse

During the day we visited Ykskivi daymark and Keminkraaseli lighthouse islands.

Ykskivi daymark

The day was full of long crossings and long last kilometers to Tornio...

Tired but happy after 30 days


  1. Aika sälli olet!
    t. Kalle-otto

  2. Ensi kerralla mukaan vaan :)

  3. Hienoa Antsa, toiset tekee ja toiset vaan suunnittelee tekevänsä...

    Pasi O.

  4. Thx Pasi. Tekeminen on mukavaa ja haasteellista. Suunnitteleminen ei ole miun vahva puoli, joten keskityn vain tekemiseen :)

  5. Hello, this is Russ Rowlett, webmaster of the Lighthouse Directory (, hosted at the University of North Carolina, USA. You have a rare photo of the Keminkraaseli lighthouse, and I am hoping you will allow me to use it on the Directory's page for lighthouses of Northern Finland ( The Directory is an educational project, completely non-commercial. Please take a look (last photo on the page); I hope you will think this is a fair use.

    1. Hi Russ,
      Sure you can use the pic. BTW I'm in Finnish Lighthouse Society as a board member...

  6. Thank you and best wishes from North Carolina!