Tuesday, July 26, 2011

29. day 47 km (in total 1239 km)

<Hietakari, Haukipudas - Hietakalla, Ii>

Weather forecast was giving a warning of strong wind up to 14 m/s today, but the wind would calm down in the evening. Therefore we didn't had any rush to start paddling today, instead took easy and slept long. We enjoyed sunshine at the beach we were camping and followed the actual wind values of Marjaniemi, one of the closest weather stations. It was steadily blowing 13 m/s, but after 2 PM wind was starting to decrease. We had lunch before we headed to the sea at 4 PM.

Direction was straight to north and we followed the few islands on the way. We quickly visited Röyttä, which is an island in community Ii and having guest harbor. Then continuing to the north. Just before midnight we reached Hietakalla and pitched the tent and had quick supper before going to sleep.

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