Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16. day 44 km (in total 663 km)

<Outoori, Pori - Merikarvia, Merikarvia>

Yesterday's long paddling stretch and late bedtime made me start a bit later today. I was feeling on my body yesterday still in the morning. It had rained during the night and it seems weather has changed now. It feels colder and the wind is increasing and turning to west / north west, which is not too good direction for me now.

Ryssäntorni daymark at port of Pori

Anyhow I grabbed my paddle at 10 AM and headed towards port of Pori. I visited Ryssäntorni daymark at the harbour of Pori. The sea is more shallow and there are rocks and shoals everywhere. When the wind increases it will make the waves bigger when they reach the shoal. Therefore the whole day was really fighting against western wind and waves coming from the open sea onto a shallow shore. I was happy when I finally arrived to Merikarvia camping area at 7 PM. It was nice to have first shower within 3 days :)

Humor from Pori. It is forbidden to bike on shoals...

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