Monday, July 11, 2011

14. day 52 km (in total 546 km)

<Mussalo, Taivassalo - Lyökki, Uusikaupunki>

At Jere's cottage

Coastline paddling continues again. After Kökar trip I was invited by Jere to the summer cottage in Kustavi. It was great to spend marvellous summer evening with friends eating well, having sauna and swimming in the sea. Thanks a lot, Jere.

Lyökki daymark

Due to the late bedtime yesterday I didn't had any rush to start paddling again. Just after 12 AM I started from the camping area of Mussalo, where I stopped paddling one week ago. The weather was fine, sun was shining and wind was blowing 5-6 m/s from SW. Paddling felt easy and I continued as far as Lyökki island in Uusikaupunki. Lyökki has the oldest daymark (built 1757) of Finland.

Sunset at Lyökki

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