Friday, July 15, 2011

18. day 60 km (in total 767 km)

<Norrgrund, Kristiinankaupunki - Horsstenarna, Närpiö>

Härkmeri daymark

Wind was blowing all the night and I didn't start until 10 AM. Just a couple of kilometers away were small island, where Härkmeri daymark was located. I headed first to see the daymark before turned my kayak towards Kaskinen. The morning was nothing but easy. Tailwind, waves and my body was complaining all the time.

Kaskinen full of old wooden houses

After tedious 5 hour paddling I arrived to beautiful Kaskinen city and I was ready to quit paddling totally. I took a long lunch break and did some shopping. After 2 hours I was ready to continue again.

Spot for the tent in Norrgrund, from where I left this morning

The afternoon paddling were much better and the wind was decreasing towards evening. Therefore I stretched my day and surprisingly I was paddling until Närpiö community. It seems I'm following the schedule and route of Jarkko, Jukka and Pasi... However I'm going to have shorter day tomorrow, so I'm not going to paddle to Vaasa tomorrow.

The current place is maze of shoals and rocks. I haven't seen such a place ever before. This is just amazing...

In the middle of rocks

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