Tuesday, July 12, 2011

15. day 73 km (in total 619 km)

<Lyökki, Uusikaupunki - Outoori, Pori>

Halfway passed today! At the evening I passed Luvia, which is on a halfway from Virojoki to Tornio. It took 15 days and thus it would indicate it would be possible to complete Finnish coastline in 30 days...

Santakari daymark

I started early at 7:30 AM and the first 3 hours paddling went on a 5-6 m/s tailwind (SW). On a way to Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse I visited Santakari daymark, when it was conveniently just on my route. It was only 1 hour paddling from Santakari to Kylmäpihlaja and I arrived nicely at 12AM at lunch time.

The harbour of Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island 

Lunch was extremely delicious with creamy fish soup and fish plate with different kind of fishes, like salmon, baltic herring, smoked whitefish, etc... I recommend the buffet lunch if you are planning to visit this lighthouse.

Fish soup and fish plate with local bread & salad

Because the weather was so fine and I felt comfortable with paddling I decided to have a long stretch today. I was paddling altogether 11 hours and arrived to Outoori island in Pori roughly at 9:30 PM. This camping place was familiar to me from my earlier trips on this area. Really nice spot and superb sunset!

Arriving to Outoori


  1. What a day trip!! Don't miss this spot near Pietarsaari => http://www.nanoq.fi/index.php/fi/yhteystiedot

  2. Thx, I'll try to visit Nanoq. Haven't been there before... Have a nice Kirmaisu in Tampere :)