Sunday, July 24, 2011

27. day 49 km (in total 1156 km)

< Raahe, Raahe - Varessäikkä, Siikajoki>

Paddling continued and we had all the day headwind 4-5 m/s from NE. First leg from Raahe to Tauvo was about 3 hours, after which we landed on the beach near Tauvo lighthouse. Day was sunny, but windy. We continued and passed Siikajoki delta, which was extremely shallow area and reached windmills at Varessäikkä.

Tauvo lighthouse

We tried to continue towards Oulu, but had to return back to Varessäikkä due to shallow waters. It was practically impossible to paddle. We need to do crossing to Hailuoto tomorrow to continue towards north and Tornio.

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