Monday, July 18, 2011

22. day 35 km (in total 946 km)

<Storskäret, Uusikaarlepyy - Mässkär, Pietarsaari>

During the night wind was turning to blow from SE and I woke up many times to check if the water on the shore would still be lower than our tent on the beach. Fortunately water level didn't raise up to tent and we started against the wind this paddling day.

Amazingly tasty fresh trout plate

There were still one longer crossing towards mainland, which went well despite of increased wind speed. On the way towards Pietarsaari we visited Hällgrund daymark, where we had lunch after 3 hour paddling. Delicious pasta :)

Hällgrund daymark

Paddling felt quite tedious today and finally we arrived to second daymark island of today : Mässkär. We decided to stay here overnight and had the possibility to have sauna and wash ourselves, absolutely great feeling to have sauna within 1 week. It was a superb surprise when we ordered supper at local cafe. The chef had prepared meal from fresh trouts, which was the best a'la carte dish I have had during this paddling trip. Just amazing meal! I recommend everybody to have lunch/supper at Mässkär.

Mässkär daymark

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  1. Very interesting to read your blog. I wanted to do exactly the same even before the first time I have ever tried kayak. I planned to go from the North to Helsinki. It is interesting to see you doing it but in different order. I also posted report of my first trip on my blog. Feel free to comment.
    I will be following your blog. You are doing a great thing! Good luck to you with that. I hope to do it next year. And now--training in Helsinki Archipelago:)
    I am sure I will ask you a lot of questions after you finish your trip ;)
    Enjoy your trip!