Monday, February 1, 2010

Studying spanish at Montevideo, Uruguay

Calle J. de Salterain

Now I have reached the southernmost point of my trip and I'm at half-way on my journey (17 countries visited and 16 still to go). The distance from the starting point of Cancun, Mexico to Montevideo, Uruguay is 7028 kilometers. It feels awkward I'm trying to kayak 3600 km at summer, half of this distance! After this week I'll start my return trip back to northern hemisphere, still two months to go before Finland...

I arrived to Montevideo yesterday and started spanish lessons today at local school Herredura. The school is located just three blocks away from the house of the family, where I'm staying at. The house is nice with small patio and asado (barbecue) area (asado is famous barbecue food allover Argentina and Uruguay). Family has open fireplace, where do the cooking and the barbecue. The school is small, cozy and teachers friendly. I like this much more than Buenos Aires school, it was too big. The bigger doesn't mean better!

Playa Ramirez at Montevideo

Montevideo is a beautiful city with influence of French architecture and marvellous buildings. In addition of beautiful calles it has plenty of beaches "playas" to enjoy the sun and swimming. I really do like this city as much as Buenos Aires. It is smaller, but has even more to offer.


Montevideo and especially Uruguay has had lot's of old cars in the streets and in the use still today (like in Havanna, Cuba). In recent years most of those unique cars have been bought by the dealers and delivered to car collectors all over the world. Still there are some beauties left...

One of the old beauties next to my family's house

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