Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living like a "porteno" (citizenship of Buenos Aires)

At the streets of BA

I have found my family and language school at Buenos Aires and I´m feeling already like a porteno of this city. The transportation is easy and the people nice. Weather is hot and the food is excellent. There are lot´s of cafes, parks and huge avenues in this city. Students are all on summer vacation during Dec - Feb and there are lot´s of people having vacation and out of the city currently. Therefore the traffic and the transportation is much easier now than from March onwards. This is really pleasent place to live...

Paris or Buenos Aires ?

The lense of my camera was dirty and the camera was not able to focus anymore to close (macro focus). Therefore I serached a camera service and they cleaned the lense free of charge! What a good service in Buenos Aires!!!

Palacio San Miguel (Spanish school location)

Language school is located near the downtown and there is convienent metroline connecting Palermo and downtown, metro ride from the apartment of my famile to the school takes only 15-20 minutes. The metro in Buenos Aires is established already 1913 and is the oldest metro in Latin America and southern hemisphere. It´s the 13th metro opened in the world. There are still old wooden carriages in use in line A, where you can really feel the 1920´s athmosphere, wow!

1920's athmosphere on the metro

Since I left Finland over two months ago, I got my first cider on this trip at Buenos Aires. In fact a jug of cider with slices of apple, orange, etc :) It was delicious, tasty and refreshing experience!

My jug of cider, great!

By the way, Nokia is visible here practically in every corner of the street. Nearly all of the street signs have Nokia name visible. Look at yourself...

Nokia @Buenos Aires

P.S. What the youngsters know about Finland. At my family 17-year old boy immediately mentioned Duudsons, when heard I'm from Finland :)

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  1. It is really great to go to a country, in this case Argentina, and live as a local person!
    One way of doing that is renting a Buenos Aires apartment instead of going to a hotel, and also take all the means of transportation possible except for a cab!