Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good bye Andes

With wild animals at Brazil:)

Now I have left back the mountains and chilly nights. When plane was landing at Asuncion airport, there were pleasent +32 degrees temperature at 9 PM. Therefore I have to say goodbye for the Andes and the countries there, but I can't complain :) The warmth feels comfortable and enjoyable and I can dumb my warmest clothes on the bottom of my backbag. However there are one nuisance, which was not existing at the colder climate and higher elevations. Mosquitos carrying malaria and dengue fever. There is no medicin / vaccination for the dengue fever and I don't have any anti-malaria pills. So far I have managed to travel through Central America and bunch of South American countries without getting malaria, although malaria is existent in every country except Chile and Uruguay.


Just quickly passed Paraguay and 6 hours bus ride from Asuncion ended up in Brazil and Iguassu falls. Will be hanging out at Iguassu couple of days checking the falls in Brazil and in Argentina. The world's second biggest dam (after China's Three Gorges Dam), Itaipu, is located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay.
Paraguay uses 7% and Brazil 93% of the electricity produced by the dam. It covers 90% of Paraguay's consumption and 22% of Brazil's consumption.

Check the weather forecast for Foz de Iguazu.

Iguazu falls from Brazilian side

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