Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Village of Copacabana and it's beach on lake Titicaca

Trip has been continuining to Bolivia and lake Titicaca. On the Bolivian side of the lake there´s a small village called Copacabana (I guess the name comes from the fact there´s a beach like Rio´s copacabana :)) Anyhow village is quite pictoresque and beautifully located on the shore of Titicaca. The altitude of 3,8 km makes every movement a little slower than normally. I rented a kayak and did a short kayaking on the lake, but quite soon noticed it is much more exhausting to kayak at this altitude than on the sea level. After a while I had a bit headache and went back to hotel to rest for a while.

Kayaking at Titicaca with latest technology :)

Now I´m spending a day at La Paz, which is the world´s highest capital city. The streets are narrow and steep, air is thin and there are lot´s of people. Buses and cars are making the air polluted, cause the city is located at valley (similar like Kathmandu in Nepal).

I have had stomach problems for awhile, they started in Peru before the Inca trail. Eight years ago when visiting Peru last time I had the worst and most painful stomach problems ever. It seems Peru is my nightmare and I don´t want to visit that country anymore. Everytime I´ll be sick there.

After Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia from South American countries I must admit that I don´t like South American countries like I did Central American countries. The central Anerica is my favourite so far. Let´s see if rest of the countries in South America change this view, but I doubt it.

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