Thursday, January 7, 2010


Some of the funny and interesting places in the Ecuador and Peru:

Plaza Kusipata is located in central Cuzco, Peru. Kusipata is Quechua language, but the word has meaning in Finnish language as well. Kusipata literally means "Piss pot or Urine pot" in Finnish. Not the best name for the beautiful square.

From "piss pot" we can fluently move to this one: the one and only Inca toilet in Machu Picchu

Dog which followed me to the top of Wayna Picchu, is looking to 300-400 meters down to Machu Picchu from the rocks on the summit.

Standing on the equator a bit from north of Quito. Actually this equator line and monument are roughly 250 meters south from the real equator.

Now exactly at the equator, according the GPS of my mobile. What a coincidence, the equator location was next to Telecomunicationes building :)

At Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz island, Galapagos, Ecuador

At postoffice bay at Isla Floreana. Postoffice has been working on this island since pirates established this postoffice hudnreds of years ago. Pirates left their mail to the mailbox and next ship / visitors took the letters and mailed them. Nowadays you just leave postcard or letter without any stamps to this mailbox and next visitors can take the mail, which is close to their home address with them and deliver the mail. This system is still working today... Perhaps you will get the postcard next week or next year delivered by somebody, who is living close to you!

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  1. What ??? Just one bathroom for the entire Machu Picchu??? Surely you jest...

    Greetings from Argentina!