Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheap living at La Paz

La Paz

Bolivia is a cheap country compared to other countries even in South America. Decent lunch in a restaurant will cost at La Paz roughly 3 euros. At the street you can eat nearly for free. Today I had an excellent almuerzo (set lunch) in Pan de Oro Cafe/Restaurant for a bit over 2 euros. The lunch consisted of salad and soap from the buffet as a starter, main course chicken filet with rice and potatos, fruits as a desert and drinks. This was one of the best lunches I have had.

At stairs of Cathedral

After two months of travelling my hair has been growing a bit. Therefore I went to the barber for the haircut and it cost only 3 euros, pretty much ten times cheaper than in Finland. I will need passport photos for the Surinam visa, which I'm trying to apply at French Guiana later during my trip. The six passport photos cost 2 euros. Hotel room in 3 star hotel is roughly 10 euros and room in 5 star hotel 40 euros.

For a long time I had a chance to enjoy sauna and jacuzzi. The sauna at the hotel was pretty good. There were pot on top of the hot stones having eucalyptus leaves and some steam were pushed through it to create humidity. I was sweating like in Finnish sauna. This is the highest sauna I have visited so far. I have been in sauna at Huaraz in Peru at 3300 meters and at Namche Bazaar in Nepal at 3500 meters.

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