Friday, February 19, 2010

Swimming, snorkeling, white sand beaches, palm trees, warmth = Caribbean


3 weeks in the Caribbean. Dream vacation? That's what I have to confront right now :) My three weeks just started with appetizers at Barbados. I got the first glimp of white sand beaches, Caribbean hospitality, sunshine and warm water of Caribbean sea. If the rest of the islands provide similar welcome and experience then I have to apologize Caribbean, because I had prejudices against Caribbean islands. Caribbean, prove me I was wrong! I'm looking forward coming days...

Barbados is the biggest of the islands I'm going to visit until Jamaica and Dominican Republic. It is part of Lesser Antilles.  It was pleasure to realize the level and quality of public transportation on this island. Bus network is extensive and bus rides cheap. Haven't need to use taxis at all here.

Greater Antilles together with Lesser Antilles form Antilles. Antilles together with Bahamas and Turks and Caicos islands form West Indies.

The airport of Bridgetown at Barbados was together with New York only airports in western hemisphere to be served by British Airways regular Concorde flights. Retired Concorde (only 4 places in the world) will be seen at aviation museum at the airport, when the construction work is completed for the museum. The trial is currently ongoing regarding the only crash of Concorde airplane.

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