Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a beauuuutiful day todayyy

Caribbean breakfast with saltfish at Dominica

Couple of islands visited after St. Lucia. Dominica was one of the best experiences I have had on this trip. Locals call the island as "nature island" and it is really green and eco-tourism friendly. Great place to visit. I need to come back some other time to spend more time at this beautiful Caribbean jem.

Company @Pointe Baptiste

Antigua is smaller than earlier islands, but well developed. I have a hint for everybody visiting this island. Please book an island safari tour from Tropical Adventures and ask to have Kenrick as your guide. I  guarantee you will have a tour you never forget in your life!!!! (This morning he had forgotten to take his medication :) ) I had combined Island safari and kayaking & snorkeling tour. What I learned from Antigua was that there are 14 traffic lights on the island, lemongrass was planted to the island in the hope it would have prevent erosion, but i turned out it was doing opposite. There are quite a many celebrities having properties on Antigua, like Eric Clapton, Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey and Larry Flynt. Frigatebird is Antigua's national bird and there are world's biggest Frigate bird colony at Barbuda (approx. 8000 birds). We even saw Antigua's biggest cock on the way :)))) Do you know that signal from the first visit to the moon, when Neil Armstrong said his famous words "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" was received at Antigua and then transferred to elsewhere on the world. This was another beautiful day with great people. If you want to know much much more about Antigua, take this tour and you won't be disappointed.

After couple of fruit punches :) (BTW Eric Clapton's modest property is just off the photo on the right hand, it didn't fit to this beautiful photo at all, notice my great Brazil T-shirt!)

After the island safari at Antigua with 4WD Jeep we headed to Stingray City, where we had kayaking and boat transportation to Bird Island for snorkeling and swimming. Water was extremely warm and visibility at coral reef for snorkeling was excellent.

The beach on bird island. Our swimming and snorkeling spot.

Day by day the trip is getting closer to it's end. I have still few countries to be visited. I'll be continuing to Jamaica tomorrow. It's a beeeaaauuuutiful day todayyyy (as Kenrick reminded us frequently))

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