Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Now I have been swimming on both of the oceans (Pacific and Atlantic Ocean) during this trip. The water was warm and the beaches are ideal for swimming. In addition of Atlantic ocean I have dipped into water on Caribbean sea, which is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Most probably will be swimming on the Caribbean still many times :)

I just heard from the teacher that I'm the second Finnish person, who is attending spanish courses in this school in Montevideo during 8 years! There are not too many us travelling in Latin America. So far I have met only 2 finns in two and a half months.

Offerings at the beach

On tuesday we went to Playa Ramirez to see the local festival "Imanja", where descendants of Africans (Afro-Brasilians) celebrate the goddess of Imanja or Yemanja. The people will gather on the beaches with dances, offerings, etc... Typically offerings are sent to the sea with the small boat.

People sending offerings to the sea at sunset

Spanish lessons are demanding for me and I'm struggling time to time, but as it says "No pain, no gain". Learning a new language is not too easy. There are lots of Americans and Brasilians on the school. One German and one Dutch in addition of me from Europe.


  1. Hola! Seguramente has conocido mucha gente muy agradable durante tu viaje tan largo, y como sabemos, las chicas latinas son muy lindas :-) Que sientes, en que pais de america latino son las chicas la mas hermosas?

  2. Hola Ari,

    Que prequnta el mas importante para los chicos! Si generalizo, se puede decir las chicas en Centroamerica son mas de hermosas formas (tienen mas "curvas"), mientras que en cerca de paises de los Andes (como Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, ...) son las mas cortas y mas oscuros que las en Argentina, Brazil y Uruguay. En Uruguay y Argentina las son muy cerca de europeos - altos, blancos y el mas hermosas (siento yo), pero voy a ver como ellas son en el Caribe.