Sunday, February 7, 2010

Montevideo city full of charm

At Isla de Flores street

It's time to say goodbye to Montevideo and Uruguay. I'm going to miss this city, people and the athmosphere. What a great surprise this was for me! Yesterday evening I was packed with tens of thousands other people on the street of "Isla de Flores" (Flower Island), where schools of Candombes / Tambores / Samba were having a Carnaval show. The parades of the schools were imposing.


Montevideo is strange mix of new and antiquity, joyfulness and melancholy, hope and despair. This is controversial city and full of unrevealed mystery. While eating with my family we usually listened old records of famous tango singers with 50 years old record player! Those were moments unforgettable...

50 years old record player

Old cars still in use and horses pulling the wagons to collect rubbish during the nighttime.

Rubbish collection

On sunday morning I was jogging first time since I left Finland and it was extremely hard to start running again after such long break. But the scenery was awesome when running on the rambla next to the sea, with palm streets and the city silhoutte behind.


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