Sunday, February 21, 2010


Caribbean cruise ship at Grenada

Grenada was the next stop after Barbados. Barbados is more developed than Grenada. Some six years back hurricane Ivan destroyed Grenada and it has been slowly recovering since that. It is more laid-back and quiet than Barbados. There is abandoned airport "Pearls", which still has couple of airplanes next to runway. One Cuban airplane and one Russian (Aeroflot).

Cuban aircraft on Pearls airport

Grenada has few smaller islands a bit of north from the main island. These islands are next to Grenadines, which has some privately owned islands, which are meant for celebrities and for the people, who want some privacy. As an example Mick Jagger and Elton John owns a property on one of these islands "Mustique". I visited Petit Martinique, which is just next to one of those privately owned paradises, in this case "Petit St Vincent". Check the link and reserve your next holiday from there.

Privately owned Petit St. Vincent island seen from Mt Piton at Petit Martinique island

Petit Martinique island is a small and colourful island. Approximately 1000 habitants, but what a characters there were...

Welcome to Petit Martinique

When I walked around the island via the only street (which covers only the western part of the island) there were guy smoking hash and he was walking the street from zig-zagging from left to right, at the same time there were lot's of missionary ladys with long skirts and nuns with their white dresses. When I passed the church there were funerals ongoing and the harmonic music was heard outside when people were sitting quietly on the church. The view from the terrace of the church was superb.

The view from the terrace of the church towards Union and Petit St. Vincent islands

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