Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back at Europe and northern hemisphere

Empty beach "Pocitos" after rain

There were thunderstorm on sunday at Montevideo and it rained heavily. I took the opportunity of taking photos on the empty beach after the rain, when beach was empty and light was excellent for photographing.

The next day I was supposed to fly to Belem, Brazil. Belem is a city on the banks of the Amazon river. Unfortunately there were thick fog on the morning and airport was closed and flights delayed over 2 hours. Therefore I missed my connection flight from Sao Paolo to Belem and had to wait for the next one quite for awhile. I got to the Belem 8 hours later than scheduled at 21:30. Took a hotel near the airport and slept for few hours.

Plane, which brought me safely to Cayenne

The next flight I had on the morning from Belem to Cayenne, French Guiana with Air Caraibes airline. Well, again a bit of unlucky. There were technical problems with airplane and I was waiting three hours at Belem airport for boarding. Finally we were able to take-off and landed happily at Cayenne airport this afternoon. At the Belem airport local French Guianese guy was telling me that Air Caraibes planes have never took off on time and he is flying frequently between Cayenne and Belem. In addition of this he mentioned that Cayenne and French Guiana are the end of the world. Behind them starts the wilderness outside of the world. Let's see if I can get to the out of the world to Suriname and Guyana. I'll try to apply visa to Suriname from the embassy of Suriname here at Cayenne...

Flying over the Amazon river

Amazon river was amazing wide, it looked like a ocean when flying over it for a long time.

On the street of Cayenne

French Guiana is part of France and thus Europe. Currency is naturally euro and the language spoken French or French Guianese with local languages like Creole, etc... It's hard to get things sorted out here, when the communication is nearly impossible for a person, who can't speak French. Nobody is speaking Spanish and very few only some words of English. I really don't understand French government, when they are promoting French and abondoning English totally. French are crazy ! (And arrogant too, no willingness to help and provide services at all, sorry for all French people who might read this blog)


  1. Hello,

    Entertaining post. Our company is organizing a meet for employees and shareholders around that area. Can you please share some info on car rentals also?
    Thank you.


  2. Hi Gilly,

    Sure, I can share info about car rentals.

    It's advisable to rent a car, the public transportation is minimal. I don't have my driving licence with me and therefore I haven't been trying to rent, but it should be easy. I have brochures from two companies (Courtesy cars and Jasmin), which both have offices at Cayenne. The prices depends on the days and kilometres. Prices vary between 35€ per day (1 month 3000km limit category B = Renault Twingo) to 64€ per day (1-2 days with 200km limit category D = Renault Clio 3).

    As an example Renault Clio for 3-6 days with unlimited kilometers will cost 49€ per day.