Sunday, June 19, 2011

1. Day 20 km (in total 20 km)

At start at Virojoki

1. Paddling day started after Saturday's 50 km adventure race and Sunday's Jukola orienteering relay. My body was totally exhausted already in the start. Quarter to five I headed onto a water at the center of Virojoki. The first leg was 20 km paddling in a calm weather, 2m/s from SE and occasional showers.

Approaching national park area, Suur-Pisi island in front

 I put my tent on a Suur-Pisi island in the national park of eastern gulf of Finland. I'm pretty sure I'll have a good sleep tonight...

Landing beach at Suur-Pisi island

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  1. Hey there. Keep on righting your blog. I am very interested and I was thinking of doing the same maybe next year or 2.


    PS. Happy Paddling