Sunday, June 26, 2011

7. day 50 km (in total 249 km)

The wind was supposed to be 1-2 m/s and I was expecting as a pleasent paddling day, but it turned out that wind was blowing 4-5 m/s from SW. Thus this was 6th day headwind in a row.
Welcome to Suomenlinna island!
The first stretch from Pikku leikosari to Suomenlinna was familiar from previous paddling trips. Silja and Biking ferrys were just arriving onto a harbour. The break at Suomenlinna was quite long due to reason every cafe at the island was closed, except one. We managed to grip hot chocolate and delicious cakes.
Thus Suomenlinna was the first lighthouse visited on this trip. 

Suomenlinna lighthouse
We pushed against the wind towards southeast and Porkkala and got some shelter from the islands on the way.

At break
After 10PM we arrived to Lähteelä, camping area at Porkkalanniemi.

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