Friday, June 17, 2011

First aid module 2

Hypothermia bag

Two days at Rovaniemi contained a first aid module 2, which were fine-tuned for the outdoor professionals. We were practicing a simulated snow-mobile accident at Saariselkä fell area in a virtual class room, which enabled us to see the actual terrain and snow fells of Saariselkä, felt the coldness and howling wind. This virtual environment for practicing different types of accidents was pretty real-like. Amazing!

First step : Digging the roots of spruce

On the second day we went outdoors and practiced how to make the stretchers from different trees like birch, pine and spruce.

Second step : bind pine frames together with spruce roots

Third step : use ropes/clothes/sheets/etc... to fill the center of the frames

Fourth step : Finalize stretchers and place injured patient on it and cover him

Fifth step : move injured person

Tomorrow on Saturday we'll have a 50 km adventure race at Rovaniemi, including following disciplines : roller skating, paddling, coasteering, running/orienteering and some adventure tasks. I need to fly after the adventure race in the Saturday evening to Southern Finland in order to compete in a Jukola orienteering relay on Sunday morning. Let's see on Sunday how I manage all this during one weekend...

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