Wednesday, June 29, 2011

11. day 46 km (in total 405 km)

<Gustavsvärn, Hanko - Sandön, Dragsfjärd>

Long crossing from Hanko to Archipelago of Hiittinen went very well due to a optimal weather for such demanding crossing. It was blowing only 1-3 m/s tailwind and I was able to paddle straight. It was hot and sunny day. I was planning to paddle to Sandön beautiful island on Archipelago National Park.There are white sandy beaches and campfire utilities on the island. It is one of the most beautiful camping spots on this area. It seems high pressure has conquered Finland and paddling feels now like a holiday hobby :)

Forest on Sandön island

A few words about equipment I have with me. On the front deck I'll have everything needed for navigation: Deck compass and map (cycling map 1:200 000) in a water-proof case. GPS is for tracking the route and measuring the distance. It is used as a backup for the map, if the visibility is zero due to sea fog. Of course GPS works as a safety equipment in case of emergency to easily notify the location. In addition of navigation equipment I'll have on front deck safety gear. If I capsize then I'll have floating device, which helps me to get back to kayak with paddle, pump for pumping water out of the kayak, leash attached to paddle so that I don't lose my paddle and mobile phone in a water-proof case to call help, if needed.

Front deck

On the rear deck I'll have only spare paddle, light for paddling during the night and a foam to help drag my kayak on a rocky ground.

Rear deck

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