Monday, June 20, 2011

2. day 38 km (in total 58 km)

At the beginning of paddling every item seems to be lost. I don't have routine for packing stuff into a kayak yet. It rained during the evening and night and the wind increased from yesterday. I started a bit after 9AM and noticed a strong headwind and moderate waves.
I pushed all the day in 6-8 m/s headwind (from W and SW) and long crossings between islands took all my strength. Finally I reached my camping place just in front of Kotka after 7PM. Actually this looks a nice spot with cooking shelters and toilets.

Lonely kayak at Lehmäsaari beach

When I was approaching the camping beach, one swan was trying to escort me a bit further by showing a way in front of my kayak. Maybe it had youngsters nearby...

Swan escorting me

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