Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3. day 24 km (in total 82 km)

This was a windy day. I was fighting against 8-12 m/s (SW) headwind all day and managed to paddle on the waters of Pyhtää. I was hoping to continue still, but on gusts wind was so strong there were no sense to continue. I tried to find a camping spot and last found a small ledge, into which I pitched my tent. Sure this has been one of the hardest paddling days I have had. It seems headwind is going to continue, hopefully it will calm down a bit...

Camping spot on a ledge


  1. Hi Antti!

    Where are you heading? Are you going to paddle the whole Finish coastline?


  2. Jep, that's the plan :) Let's see if I manage to do it...